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Step Forward Helps Client Journey Out of Darkness

Seeking assistance may seem straightforward for some, but for many, it can be quite difficult due to feelings of pride and embarrassment. 

Bridgetta Armistead’s journey serves as a powerful example of the transformation that can occur when one finds the courage to ask for help.

"Before Step Forward, I was in a really dark space,” she admitted. “

My children are grown. My house is empty, I was in a bad, sick relationship, I just didn't have a lot of hope."

Guided by Step Forward Family Development Specialists and Adult Education Instructors, Armistead started on a journey of self-improvement and skill-building. She enrolled in programs like Customer Care (now Global Support Services). 

"Staff took the extra steps. They made sure I had bus tickets to get back and forth to school. I received a computer. I can't thank them enough,” she shared.

Armistead also sought support from Step Forward's counseling services to tackle her personal challenges, such as establishing boundaries and navigating complex relationships.

"They walked me through that, they helped me with utilities, rental assistance, and clothing. I’ve just had a phenomenal experience with Step Forward,” she said. 

Armistead encouraged others to seek help.

“If you truly want help, and if you truly want to change your life, Step Forward is that hand. They'll take the time to listen and share steps to make accomplishments,” she insisted. “Step Forward has been part of the solution for me. I'm stronger, I'm better, I have goals, and I have purpose in life today."

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