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Free Training to Cover Board Governance

OUCAN will offer a free three-part series designed to help you meet the requirements for CSBG grantees. Part one is about Board Governance with presenter Dani Robbins from BoardSource.

The purpose of this Training & Technical Assistance guided training is to support Ohio’s urban Community Action Agencies (CAA) through board governance and Purpose-Driven Board Leadership.

The free training will be held online Feb. 20 beginning at 12:30 p.m.

The way nonprofit board leadership was envisioned and has evolved is, in many cases, incongruent with the current needs of communities. Too many boards are populated in a way that limits their ability to provide the kind of values-driven, strategic leadership and oversight that organizations need.

If boards represent and govern our organizations on behalf of communities, then who is on the board can drastically change how the board operates and what role the board plays. The “purpose-driven board” was first outlined in an SSIR article by BoardSource in 2021, and challenges boards to reimagine their most essential board roles, focusing on equitable social outcomes, broad-based impacts, community representation, and inclusive listening to accomplish its mission and vision.

 In this session, we will explore these key principles:

· Purpose Before Organization
· Respect for Ecosystem
· Equity Mindset
· Authorized Voice and Power

Familiarity with a new nonprofit board leadership framework, The Four Principles of Purpose-Driven Board Leadership

  • Knowledge of board trends and dynamics that led to this call for change from BoardSource
  • Understanding of how shifts toward Purpose-Driven Board Leadership could take shape within one’s own board.
  • To review how the ten responsibilities of a board sit within the PDBL structure
  • To explore the ways Purpose-driven board leadership can enrich your boards enjoyment of leadership
  • To enhance your organization's capacity to reflect and engage your community.

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