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Training Event Sets Attendance Record

Great presenters. Record participation. Free books!

Last week’s statewide training “Transformational Leadership in the Non-Profit Sector” had it all.

Kerry Austin and Marilyn Montes shared tips and tricks for frontline staff and their managers.

“Organizations must make communication more personal and relevant,” Austin said, noting there are approximately 2.7 billion frontline workers in the world.

Montes shared the “RELATE” method of leadership using coaching and mentoring.

“Burnout occurs because we are trying to solve the same problem over and over,” she added. “Let’s stop going around in circles, put your knowledge into action to solve the problem.”

Dr. Jacklyn Chisholm shared insights from her new book, written from years of experiences in leadership and life.

“I don’t take any of this for granted,” she said. “I never forget where I’ve come from because it’s the journey that got me here. The good the bad. Every lesson.”

Access the event recording and presentations by clicking here.